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Course Catalogue

The DePaul Catholic graduate will exhibit the academic aptitude for success in higher education and possesses a variety of intellectual skills that go beyond college entrance requirements. The student has an appreciation for learning and is willing to be accountable for one’s own academic accomplishments. Our broad-based curriculum is designed to meet the growing demands of a faith-filled citizen in global society.

The curriculum offerings provide for differentiated course levels. The number of levels in a department is flexible according to the needs of the students. Students are assigned to classes based on their scholastic history, teacher recommendations, past grade achievements, and test data. Periodic reviews of a student’s course level assignment are conducted. If it appears justified that a student is misplaced at a course level, an opportunity will be provided for movement to a more suitable group where possible.

For more information on GPA added value, grade calculation, dual enrollment and project acceleration, the Honors Academies and freshman cycles, please view the PDF of curriculum details below.

Curriculum Details

Courses by Department