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A Message from the Director




Hello Future Spartans,

Thanks for taking a moment to stop by our website. Here you'll find a wealth of information and a ton of links to help you begin your journey as a Spartan. It's been a very interesting few years, but DePaul has come through stronger than ever. Just when we thought the Class of 2024 was our biggest in many years, the Class of 2025 came in even larger, and the Class of 2026 has topped them! That's right, for the third year in a row we're welcoming our largest class in over five years, and our 8th Grade Prep is also near capacity. These groups, coupled with transfers, international students, and those already enrolled, have brought our total population to nearly 500 students. These students hail from over 75 different towns, and, even, a few different countries. Yet, they all come together on Alps Road as Spartans.

Being a Spartan is unique. For 66 years we've asked students to do hard things. You'll take courses that are going to challenge, but not overwhelm you. You're going to play against teams with larger rosters and a bigger school population. You're going to have to make new friends on your first day because everyone is from somewhere else. But, my favorite thing about being part of this community is that we never back down to a challenge. Sure, we may have to work a little harder, study a little longer, or travel a bit farther each day, but we are Spartans, "people of great courage and self-discipline."

I hope that you will take a moment to really see who we are. You can browse the website. You can visit us on social media (Instagram: @depaul_catholic). You can sign up for one of our Open Houses. We're bringing back our infamous Shadow Days, too. (Reserve your spot here because the days fill quickly.) Stop by a game. Visit our Art Show. Talk to a Virtual Ambassador via PeerPal. And, of course, you can always set up a meeting with me. (see details below)

I encourage you to read through the Application Process thoroughly. There are deadlines that we must adhere to, required entrance exams that must be taken, and interviews you might want to sign up for. It's never too early to get a jump start on things.

I look forward to welcoming you to Alps Road in the coming months.

Go Spartans!

Brynn Merritt Campbell
Director of Marketing & Enrollment Management

If you'd like to set a meeting with me, there will be some options this year. Each Monday, I will post the schedule for the following week. There will be opportunities to meet me in person (should mandates allow) and virtually via Zoom. Whether you choose a virtual meeting or an in-person meeting you must sign up online. Please use the links below to do so.

Virtual Admissions Meeting
In-person Admissions Meeting (Available after Sep 12, 2022)

Admissions Events