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The College Process

The College Process


A distinguishing feature of DePaul Catholic is our four-year approach to college guidance and the quality of our guidance team. First, our counselors serve as knowledge centers, ready to answer the questions and lessen the anxiety of both the parent and student. We encourage our families to take an ACTIVE approach to the college selection experience as their insight, personal experience and relationships play a key role in the choices students often make. With that said, as the final lists are drafted, the applications are filled out, and the essays are written the college experience is and must be a student driven one. We want our students to make positive decisions based on careful and thoughtful research and with the goal of success in mind. 


Second, we serve as a link to college admissions officers, to help them understand our students' experiences and accomplishments within the context of DePaul Catholic’s rigorous academic requirements. A comprehensive package is put together from information gathered from teachers, coaches, and others who have contact with each student. Our goal once again is to frame each student in the best possible light to each college as we advocate on their behalf.

For the DP student the college experience begins in the Freshman Year with workshops on Naviance, practice standardized testing, academic advising and the 9th and 10th grade College Night. Formal individual conferences beginning in February of the Junior year. Working with the counselors, students begin the arduous task of identifying a group of 15-20 colleges and universities for investigation. Parents are involved in the list preparation and the college planning through Junior College Night and individual conferences.


Group workshops and individual meetings continue through the remainder of the Junior year as students are prepared to tackle the college experience head on during the summer months. In these workshops students learn about essay writing, further SAT preparation, filling out college applications, and how to package themselves as worthy applicants to the college of their choice. From day one our students are encourage to visit the guidance office regularly, to set achievable goals, and utilize the various events designed to inform our students.

In conjunction with counseling, The Guidance Counselors work with students selecting academic programs, registering for standardized testing, and planning summer work or study programs. Furthermore, individual essays and applications are carefully screened to ensure that every student looks his very best.

To recap, fhe final responsibility in the college experience rests in the hands of the student. Although DePaul Catholic will do everything it can to lessen the students’ anxiety and heighten the level of success, the student must adhere to all deadlines and seek help from the professional staff as needed. The Guidance Office should be kept informed of all progress as well as the thoughts and needs of the parents. Constant communication brings out the best results as we keep the triangle together.