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DePaul Catholic High School

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Technology is fundamental to becoming a productive, contributing member of an evolving society. DePaul Catholic High School is committed to making educational programs more relevant to contemporary society and enhancing the effectiveness of the learning process. As a result, the school uses technology as a basic learning tool in all areas of the curriculum.

At DePaul Catholic, students and teachers engage in a wide variety of educational activities individually, in cooperative groups, and as an entire class. While the DePaul Catholic student is an actively engaged learner in this process, the teacher acts as a catalyst to expand both the depth and breadth of these educational experiences. One of the greatest advantages of instructional technology is the ability to offer information in several modalities at once. Interactive network technologies enhance communication with students, teachers, and communities both locally and globally.

All DePaul Catholic High School students utilize the Tablet PC to take notes, receive information transmitted by teachers across the wireless network, turn in assignments, and participate in monitored online discussions. Their Tablet PCs are an integral part of the entire academic program at DePaul Catholic High School.