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DePaul Catholic High School

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School Bus Information

Bus routes are created by the bus companies hired by DePaul Catholic. These routes are created in June prior to the start of each new school year based on the information provided on the transportation forms submitted at registration and/or communicated to our transportation office.
  • The routes and stops change from year to year as the school population changes. DePaul Catholic has no control over bus routes and bus stops. They are controlled and decided by the local Board of Education or by the bus companies.
  • The bus stops are general stops with no door to door service.

Your child is included under one of the following categories depending on the town in which you live.

Supply Towns supply transportation. No cost to parent.

Reimburse Towns reimburse a portion of the transportation costs. Parents are responsible for the remainder of the fee.

Exempt Towns neither supply nor reimburse for busing

Karen Nigro, Transportation Coordinator
973-694-3702, ext. 204