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DePaul Catholic High School

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Stand Tall

Stand Tall - Drug Prevention Program

“If to be right means to be different, 
then by all means be different”

Msgr. John McHugh, Director DPCHS 1956-1976

What is Stand Tall?

  • Stand Tall is a voluntary approach to drug prevention open to all students and staff.
  • Stand Tall members of the DePaul Catholic Community pledge to remain drug free and submit to random drug testing.
  • Stand Tall provides students and staff members an opportunity to unite and to take a personal and collective stand against drug abuse and drug-related activities.
  • Stand Tall members realize they are not alone when they make the courageous and correct choice to say no to drugs.

How Does it Work?

  • Parent and student sign the membership contract.
  • Random testing takes place each school day throughout the academic year.
  • Each member is assigned a number and selected randomly to be tested.

Why should you join Stand Tall?

  • Experience personal pride.
  • Demonstrate Christian values.
  • Demonstrate strength of character.
  • Always have a reason to say no to drugs!