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DePaul Catholic High School

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Fine & Performing Arts

The Fine and Performing Arts Department provides students with opportunities to explore their unique creative talents and sensibilities.

The visual arts component of the program allows learners to experience the various media and techniques used by artists in the creative process (Introduction to the Visual Arts; Senior Seminar: Photography) as well as the chance to view and interpret traditional and contemporary art with an aesthetic perspective (Art History). Artists who wish to continue their studies in post-secondary institutions may take advantage of course offerings that explore more specific artistic processes (Drawing; Painting; Mixed Media) and assist in portfolio development for college application (Honors Portfolio; AP Studio).

Talented musicians will certainly find many directions in which to go: DePaul Voices (an acapella, “glee club” styled choir), Piano (levels 1-4), A.P Music Theory, Composition and Audio Engineering, and Music Ministry are just some of the many programs offered to our students here at DePaul. Performance opportunities, such as Lessons and Carols and the spring musical, are frequent and feature all who express both interest and talent, helping to cultivate aspiring singers, instrumentalists and thespians alike.

Incorporating the visual and performing arts into an educational plan enhances the student's ability to think and create across all curricula while adding to a fully developed course of study overall.