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The Co-ed Advantage

Preparing students academically, socially and emotionally for college and life requires an environment that is reflective of the real world, a co-ed world. DePaul Catholic graduates are prepared to interact and work with members of the opposite gender both in the college classroom and in the workplace. This co-ed partnership fosters individual growth while preparing each to thrive within their community.
Yes, there is plenty of information that speaks to the pros and cons of single-sex education versus co-education.
Some critics say that boys and girls learn differently and as such learn better apart from one another. However, these sentiments should be viewed with caution as neuroscientists have not found hard evidence supporting this difference in learning styles. Furthermore, any form of separation does not prepare students for they will encounter in college making that transition, both academically and socially, potentially more challenging.
In a co-ed setting, both boys and girls take on leadership roles, learn to take risks in front of their peers, and are exposed to various management styles and personalities. Each interaction helps to breakdown negative gender stereotypes and allows for students to learn invaluable lessons in working with members of the opposite gender and growing as young adults.

"The co-educational classroom is one of diversity and equality, where boys and girls learn together and where cooperation, support, and friendship are the norm."