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The Catholic Advantage

DePaul Catholic High School provides students with an individualized education which challenges young women and men to maximize their full potential by offering a Catholic comprehensive education. In the tradition of St. Vincent de Paul, students are encouraged to promote, protect, and nurture the dignity of each person while fostering the communal commitment of love and service to all of God's people.

St. Vincent de Paul was born in France to a family of peasant farmers, and he was later ordained a priest in 1600. He was captured by Turkish pirates and sold into slavery, however, he was able to convert his owner to Christianity and then escape. St. Vincent de Paul preached to peasants and slaves and devoted his life to serving and spiritually educating the poor. He founded an order of missionaries known as the “Vincentians” from which our Vincentian Scholar program developed. With the assistance of Louise de Marillac, St. Vincent de Paul also founded the Daughters of Charity, an order of women that serve the poor. For this, he was renowned for his compassion, humility, and generosity and is called the "Great Apostle of Charity".

The values of St. Vincent de Paul are reflected in our Theology classes, Campus Ministry programs and Christian Service Program, which are central to the preparation of our students for their role in the global society. The focus of these programs is to prepare our students by providing the following:

  • Personal and communal spiritual growth that promotes respect, responsibility, and service in Christ
  • A safe and secure environment conducive to the development of mind, body, and spirit
  • Academic standards of excellence demanding high achievement and technological innovation from the entire community
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