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Peer Ministry

Mass of Lights


The Peer Ministry Team has been an important part of the history of DePaul Catholic High School in years past, and has been present in some different forms as the "God Squad", the "Youth Group", and most recently as the "St. Vincent DePaul Honor Society". The student leaders of this ministry have had a reputation as servant leaders, role models, and representatives of the school.

Peer Ministry Team members are expected to:

  • Attend our virtual summer leadership retreat, in August. (Date and time to be detailed later)
  • Attend regular meetings once or twice a month throughout the school year, (times of the meetings will be posted in a regular pattern and may be either in person or virtual depending on the situation).
  • Set a good example as a role model for other students (Appropriate uniform, wearing a mask as directed, use appropriate language and manners, and more within the school and outside in the community).
  • Take leadership responsibilities to organize and implement discussions, projects, retreats, and the like.
  • Assist in planning and participating in retreats across all grade levels.
  • Volunteer for other activities at the request of the Campus Ministry Team.

Peer Ministers may be called upon to do any or all of the following:

  • Serve at Mass as a lector, altar server, gift bearer, Eucharistic Minister.
  • Lead group discussions on student retreats.
  • Give talks at student retreats.
  • Participate in school-wide Advent and Lenten reflections/prayer services.
  • Lead school-wide morning prayer over the P.A. system and offer to lead prayer in the classroom. (See Sr. Jeanne and your classroom teachers)
  • Lead prayer at other school events, such as orientation days.

Any interested student from grades 10-12 can complete an application and sponsor form. Based upon a student's application and adult sponsor form, qualified candidates will be interviewed by one or more members of the Campus Ministry Team. This interview will be the final determining factor regarding acceptance to the Peer Ministry Team.

Download the Application here.